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Are you searching for pet grooming? We are MININA’S PET SPA that does excellent pet grooming in Orlando. We are pet groomers that come to your home, and you don't need to come to us. We are the family in love with animals, my name is Bruna and my husband name is Rafael. Currently we are pawrents of two shih tzus,our older fur baby is Nina and the younger one is Miah, through of them that all began.  

About 2016 when my husband and I came  from Brazil to live in USA, arriving here we soon got blessed to met Nina, our oldest baby, so we were lucky to adopted her. As her breed needed grooming we took her for several salons but no one didn’t work very well as we expected, it always upset us, so that situation encouraged me to do it by myself and I think  it worked, right?! and YES, I am here to say it worked!! Then we started grooming her and naturally we enjoyed doing it, and she was my guinea pig for a long time, then we decided  to have one more fur baby her name is Miah – she came to complete our family! Well we would love to have lots of them if we could! and Since then more and more love for pets world was growing up, and the desire to  go out to take care of all other fur babies has increased. In 2021 I went to Brazil to school to learned more and improve my skills with grooming and when I returned from Brazil I worked in two different companies that were very important to my carrier and become who I am today.

On this year 2023 our dream came true, Mininas Pet Spa born and our mission is meet a lots of fur babies, in addition to caring them with the best products because our priority is  serve our clients with high-quality tools and proudly invest in having top-of-the-line products, and especially we have so much love, hugs and kisses to give as they deserve! Here at Minina’s Pet Spa, we provide pleasure, comfort, and safety for your fur babies.

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